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I am a young teen male, i masturbate every night, is it true that if u dont masturbate for a while,?
u will have a better orgasm? Its only been 2 days! Is it long enoigh? I cant wait, any other ways to makke it real good without waiting?
The longer you go, the stronger it is, yes. Try going a week without just for fun.
Can masturbating as a young teen affect the size of ur penis?
im 15 now and i have been masturbating since i was 13 atleast two times a day. the last month it looks smaller than normal, can it make it smaller? can i do anything to make it bigger?
No masturbating won't make your penis smaller....
Do young teenaged females masturbate???
i just recently tried it ( 14 years old) and i was wondering if masturbation is normal for a young teen such as myself. I feel really weird at school, i cant get it out of my head wondering if they do.....What do u think the percentages of young female teens masturbating?? thnx alot.
hey here's my sis.

hi. yes it is very normal . i started around 13 or maybe early 14s. and i wondered if other classmates of mine masterbated too. i probably wud have to say 15% admit they do it another 15% dont do it and 50% do do it.
and the 20% are just people that have tried it and are just scared and confused about it.

going through it myself. im 14.
Is it wrong for a teen girl to masturbate?
I'm catholic, but I've been masturbating a lot recently even though I shouldn't. fingering and all that doesn't really pleasure me, can u give me tips on how to masturbate? and NO, i can't get a vibrator because I'm too young.
I won't go over any actual tips or anything because I don't want to be too suggestive to a teenage girl. What I might suggest is to check out a few adult sites and there are a ton of clips of girls masturbating. It might sound dumb, but watching them might give you some tips on what to do and where to rub.

Hope this helps.
Legs feel weak after masturbating? Is it bad for young teens?
I'm a 14 year old boy. When i masturbate, it lasts for about 5 seconds but then my legs begin to feel weak. The weakness runs down from the thigh to my feet. Is it harmful Towards my legs? Is it harmful throughout the entire body? I Only masturbate about Once a week.
Is a husband watching young teens obviously 18 with daddy scenerios something I should be concerned with?
My husband has always watched porn which is fine with me but lately I find he would rather masturbate to young teen with older men or (daddy's) more fullfilling to him. I watched with him for a while but soon it became he couldn't perform unless watching the vids. One thing I don't like is the girls have hardly any breast although they are 18 and they are older men younger women. It is really not helping my self esteem. it has become obsessive. I am not beautiful but have a great body and try to keep things spicy but it seems everytime I leave the house he is on these sights. Please help me to know if I am overreacting. I do have a 14 yr old stepdaughter and I am wondering if this is why it is bothering me now.
This isn't going in a good direction. Tell him to go ahead and watch his porn...but no more older/younger stuff....and yes, I would worry about your stepdaughter.
Can releasing semen from the penis stunt height growth?
I'm curious to know if releasing semen will stunt/ stop your body from growing or closed the growth plates. I used to masturbate alot when i was 14/15 but now i cut it down alot fearing that it will harm me. ( I'm 16.5 years old) How many young teen males ejaculated/ masturbated and still grew tall?
Masturbating has no negative side effects, it will not negatively effect your health in any way unless you A. Do it to hard or B. It cuts into your social life
Sexual pleasure help for a young gay teen?
I am a sixteen year old guy, and handicapped with the lack of muscles in the arms, so I can't really use my hands well. I need to know, what are some ways that I (A gay teen and natural receiver) can get some safe sexual pleasure, I can't by any….equipment, on the account that I am too young and all that jazz, masturbating just doesn’t do anything for me, I have tried some things, but nothing really works, like I tried using the wooden end of a plunger (yes, it's sad I know) and that does fine I guess, but I can't go fast enough to get the pleasure going. As I said, I am not good with my hands, so it has to be something that I can just sit on, or something like that. Please, I know this may sound silly and it probably is, but I need mature answers, if you aren’t going to give me one then just don’t answer. Give me some detail as to how I should tackle this situation, because getting laid is not an option right now. I need some creative minds, maybe someone who has possibly done this before, or knows that its garunteed safe? Thank you guys so much for taking the time to read this, you don’t know how much I appreciate all the help I can get. And btw, if it could be something discreet, something that wouldn’t attract mom's attention, that would be so nice.
I know that you said that you can't buy anything, but eventually, you should be able to. There are dildos that have suction devices on the end so that you can attach them to the side of a desk or on the floor. In this way, the movement would be controlled by your legs rather than your hands. Since these are specifically designed for what you want, they would be the best way to go (rather than trying the wooden end of a plunger, which was never designed for that purpose).

Perhaps you should buy a secure metal box that you can lock and keep your private things in? Or perhaps you can find a very secretive place for such personal things?
Young Teen Sexually "Experimenting"?
Hey Guys Im 14

Me And My mate have agreed that we are going to experiment with each other as we are both curious. we will masturbate each other thats all...nothing more...we arnt gay.

i was just wondering where the best place is to do it....

at mine or his house...a school toilet...where?!?!
NOT at school!! First, that's just yucky (if adventurous), and second, you could both get suspended, have to bring your parents with you, and no matter how straight you claim to be, the entire school will assume you're both gay. Bedrooms (with door closed and latched) are best. Do whatever you want, there's no harm. You're either gay or you're not. It doesn't have anything to do with what you do together, so you might as well enjoy yourselves.

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