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How do Indian people feel about lesbian and gay people?
What would happen if a same-sex couple walked down the street hand in hand?
In India you will find thousands of friends holding hands while walking, particularly the girls. It doesn't meant they aer gay or lesbians. It is a norm between friends. Please do not misunderstand about such facts.

And of course like world, India is also opening up to the subject. And you many not find much annoyance but then people always observe constraint in relationships here. Even a heterosexual couple will not show much of togetherness in open.
Is there a lesbian Indian girl looking for a indian gay guy for an MOC?
I am 28 year old Indian Guy living in Thailand. I run my own business here and am about to open up a business venture in Mumbai as well. Life is great on most fronts as I am in a healthy, steady 3 year relationship with a guy in Delhi. My issue lies in the fact that I need to get married..and that too...urgently! I am looking for an Indian lesbian girl who wishes to lead a so-called 'normal' life, eventually start a family with me, raise guyren...etc etc etc. I know it may sound a bit unreasonable, but in my view, we'll get the best of both worlds - a true, honest relationship in which neither member is lying their way through their marriage...we can continue our relationships with our respective partners...and simultaneously, raise wonderful guyren. I know it sounds a bit idealistic, but its possible. Email me if ur interested or know anyone that fits the bill and we can take it from there.
Why do you "need" to get married to a woman if you're gay?
I am fifty three year old divorced S. Indian lady and I am getting lesbian emails from Indian women?
Is this new business in India and promoted by the govt as lucrative business or what? I applied for jobs in computers but I am only getting invites to have sex from Indians... Did not know this was the latest trend here, or I would not have relocated from the U.S.
why blame government for this, if you never visited any wrong sites then just mark these emails as spam, why even bother about them and get distracted!
How come The indian Yahoo answers still does not have a gay and lesbian section in culture and groups?
Like the rest of the world,
if there is anything i could do to help get you your own lgbt section i would...
Where are all the Indian lesbians at?
Don't think I'm racist because I'm not. I love men and women of all cultures. But I have yet to meet a Indian woman who is bi or lesbian. I don't even know of any bi or gay Indian men. Where are they? I would love to meet one and talk with them. And I have found that it seems the nationality that have the strongest cultural background are the ones we never see come out and say they are bi or gay. So anyway, my question is where are all my beautiful bi and lesbian or gay Indian people? Stop by and say hello.
that guy from American Idol......Sanjay or whatever his name is, looks pretty Gay.
What do Middle Eastern families do to their guyren after finding out they're lesbian, gay or bisexual?
I'm not sure I know any Middle Eastern or Indian lesbian,gay, or bisexuals. They must all be closeted.
i heard or read somewhere that if the government finds out your gay/lesbian/bi it's an automatic death sentence. even if someone says that your gay/lesbian/bi whatever and your really not. that's pretty harsh if you ask me
Can I find a lesbian Indian girl to get married to?
I am 26 Indian male. I am deeply in love with a girl who I can not marry. I can not think of having a relation with any other girl/woman. But there's tremendous social/family pressure on me to get married to someone (people relatively familiar with Indian culture would know what that is) ...So the only way out that I can think of is, find a lesbian girl, who does not want to disclose her orientation status to her family/the society and who also wants to get married to someone just because of the pressure of doing so. I promise I would be her best friend all my life and will do everything that a husband is expected to do for his wife (except actually making love to her). I will be ok she doing it with her return she should be ok with my relationship with this girl..... Will I find anyone like this? (Or some girl in a similar situation like me)
Yes, there are Indian lesbians out there.

It sounds like what you want is a 'Marriage of Convenience'
And believe it or not, there are indian lesbians who want to have a "Marriage of Convenience" because of family pressure to get married to a man.

Basically it's a fake marriage.

To the people who asked, if this guy knows what a lesbian is. Apparently he does. He wants a M.O.C (marriage of convenience) with one, meaning to society they are 'married' but to each other simply friends helping each other out to be free to live the life they want.

I know it sounds sad, but sometimes it's a last resort if you're gay (and especially desi).

I dont know anyone personally so please don't contact me, you would have to find one yourself, try looking at desi GLBTQ websites online.

I don't have any.

PS. I like Raptors answer the best.
What was that lesbian movie about arab and indian girl in love ?
and if you know any gay guys movie. . my friend wants it ... judge her not me :D
Good Movie, I recommend it.
Can somebody tell me the Indian movie names having lesbian scenes.?
Like 2 women rolling on each other
kissing each other etc.
(Other than FIRE movie)
Girlfriend. There is lot of such scenes between Amrita Arora and Isha Koppikar.

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