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Do chubby teens always turn out to be obese adults?
a lot of people say yes but i don't necessarily agree (myself as an example)

what's your opinion?
If they dont change their ways and treat their bodies right, then yes.

If you are fat now and don't change anything you will be ever fatter later.
Metabolisms dont magically increase if thats what you are thinking
I need a costume for chubby teens. Any ideas?
I like to plan ahead so we can go in the store, and out as soon as possible.
Sumo Wrestler
Where to buy cute clothes for chubby teens?
Chubby Chicks unite! Where do you shop? :]
JcPennys and Macy's , I always have this problem too. Don't worry your not alone. I don't know your style but you can also try

Maybe even…

I hoped i helped.

Check out my page on youtube. Search for littlemissgiggles22
Send a request for anything!
How many of you were chubby guys/teens, and are now of normal weight?
Just wondering :) also, did the weight just go away naturally or did you work at it. (if you worked at it, how hard did you work?) thanks xx
Imma chubby teen right now..
I want to make a friendly and safe weight loss contest website for teens. What precautions should I take?
the website would be a place for moderately and + overweight teens to share there struggles, goals, and accomplishments. are there any disclaimers/warnings i should put on the website? Do u think this is a stupid idea? How many chubby teen would look into this? Please don't be mean or vulgar.
I like the idea of teens losing weight supporting one another but not a contest. Rapid weight loss is both unhealthy and tends to be regained.

Your disclaimer, if you have one, is that you are not a medical professional and you do not endorse any diet plan other than sensible, healthy eating in controlled portions, resulting in fewer calories being eaten, along with an increase in physical activity for more calories being used.

Warnings should include starvation mode (eating fewer than 1200 calories a day, which makes your body do what it can to conserve calories, the opposite of what people want), fad diets, body cleanses, laxatives, bulimia and anorexia, diet drugs, and unintended use of prescription drugs for weight loss purposes--all things people who are desperate to lose might do.
What would you do if a (chubby teen) a 5 foot 9 230 pound 15 year old came up to you?
And he said you look beautiful girl and gave you a paper with his name and number. After he gave you the paper he said yes!! and walked away and then jumped and clicked his feet together. As he walked away he kept screaming "oh yeah" in random peoples faces. Remember your at the mall. Directed to girls mostly.
Laugh. Throw the paper in the bin and move on.
What are good clothes for a chubby teen?
I'm 5'2'' and 145, so not fat but kinda chubby. I'm wondering what I should wear this summer ;P
what shorts are flattering? and for school too, just throw it all at me...
Flowing tops.
bermuda shorts.
solid color bathing suits.
flip flops, or low heeled sandals.
long dangling earrings.
Do chubby teen girls have a chance to be skinny?
I'm fourteen, and I'm chubby. Actually gaining more weight. I'm afraid someday I might get obese. For some personal reasons, I want to be skinny so I started exercising and dieting yesterday. Could I be skinny? I see some chubby girls exercised and dieted, yes they got the right body shape but they're still a little chubby. I just want to know if I could
ofc u can be skinny!! :D :D :D
good luck!!
Re: teens & weight issues. How do I, overweight mom w/chubby teen, get her to make better food choices?
I'm a pretty good cook and am seriously trying to lose weight by preparing fresh veges and interesting dishes, but she prefers junk food which I don't buy, but she can get it when she hangs out with friends. I say to her, "Do you want to end up looking like me?" and she laughs, but it isn't funny to me.

High Schoolers: What I'm hoping you can tell me is this: How can I motivate a 16yo to take nutrition seriously? She's 5'6" and 145 lbs. Help!
P.S. diabetes on both sides of her family tree & she knows that
Be stubborn with her, your her mum and therefore have authority over her. Just try your best to make tasty healthy foods, however at the tea table try not to mention anything about the meal she's eating so she can make her mind up herself. If you link you making her eat nutritious food with what she's eating she'll feel forced to like the meal which isn't what you want. Try and be patient and work with her to find good foods she'll enjoy.
Good luck!
Bathing Suits for Chubby Teens?
ITs now bathing suit season im 16 and around 180 lbs. im 5 2.

yeah i know im fat...but i need a a cute bathing suit that doesnt show REALLY tan so bright colors look really good on me...

but where can i go to get a cute bathing suit that would fit well, also i tryed bathing suits at old navy they were loose in the butt and stomach but WAY to small in the bust. i also would like to have a bathin suit with an under wire if possible?

i am also concense (spl?) about my thighs, and i like small skirts or boy short bottems, and halter tops?
tankinis are good for hiding tummies, and wear shorts on your bottom

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