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All Comments

OK, how do you think about asian lesbian teen?
I will move to different private high school next year,
and I found out that my next school have Gay Straight Alliance..

I'm thinking about joining the GSA at next school, but I wonder
how other students going to react to me..

Plus, (For any race, especially Latina), Do you find asian lesbian teen
I'm making straight A's in school, I am part of orchestra member, I usually wear Banana Republic/J.crew/Urbanoufitter, and I play cross-country although I am not really masculine,,,
Anyway, do you think other girls will find me attractive?
I am sophomore in high school,, Oh, I feel so desperate when many guys ask me out but zero girls!!...
Oh, and I am kind of shy,, and I always talk to my asian friends..

Please answer my question... and give me some advice about dating other lesbian girls.. How can I start? Can I just talk to her during lunch time and say that your eyes are so beautiful and how do you think about me?
I think they will think I am so silly,,, how do YOU think you will going to reack if an asian girl at your school approach to you and say these gay compliments to you ?
Oh.... God... Please help me, I really want to date somebody when I am fresh and young.
I don't think you'll have as hard of a time as you think.
while by my experience private schools in general tend to have a more close-minded attitude towards homosexuals, anyone different, etc, etc, I have also found that many very accepting individuals can be found in those same schools.
The ratios are always different depending on the school, but I'd say that if they have an official GSA club then that's a very very very good sign.

Just be yourself, try to hang out with a wider range of people.
I'm sure you'll find someone.
I met my first boyfriend at a GSA at my highschool and our relationship was a blast!
Ladies: How do you feel about your husband looking at porn?
If you caught your husband checking out porn on the computer, or you found some downloaded porn on it, would it be a big deal? What if it was 120Gig of downloaded porn, all carefully separated into different folders labled: lesbian, anal, teen, asian, etc. Would that be a big deal?
I have no issues with porn (as long as the acts portrayed are legal)...geez, I've got a small VHS collection of it's a non-issue...

Yes, "teen" WOULD be an issue...since the idea of him becoming sexually aroused by women who are or appear to be age, would be completely repulsive and inappropriate...
Should I show this video to me Sunday school class?
Hello. I teach my local baptist churches Sunday school class. I have a video called "Sweet Asian Lesbian Teens 4" that is dear to my heart. I would like to show it to my sunday school, but I would want to know if your thank it is a good idea.

I'm not Baptist or even Christian,but I still find it insulting. You are basically calling all Baptists pedophiles and porn addicts, which is so wrong. A few bad apples like yourself shouldn't spoil the whole bunch, but they do...
Who else is so tired of hearing about Miley Cyrus scandals?
She has done more scandals is so little years!
Those racy photos of herself
The lap dance photos with her director
The Vanity Fair photo with her dad
The lesbian photos
The Asian photo
Slamming Radiohead and Twilight fans
Dating much older men
Pole Dancing at the Teen Choice Awards
And most recently smoking from a bong!

Here is a list of some of her scandals:
she's juss an attention seekerr. i'd laugh my head off if she died , miley is nothing but a fame hog and she takes advantage ov it. she looks like a beaver LMFAO especially when she was younger , and her hair looks like sh*t noww , she looked way better brunettee tbh ! and she used the termm gay as an insult whenn someone prankedd her , and she was about 14-15 then ? erghh , stupid sl*t. i hopee she gets hit by a truck one day and im gonna dance on her stupid sh@tty assss grave. she probs has a dirty a@@ housee aswell... and her little sister is nothing but an ugly c@nt. she thinks she's sooo famous LMFAOO ! Give me a break. juss another ugly miley. and her teeth LMFAO! Makes me lol so much. :}

actually i hope her and herr stupid *** fmaily die.
Pathetic question but just wondering Asian people please also comment?
Is it weired if i have a pic on my msn display pic of a Korean tomboy and i put a love heart next to her on it because she and zai are my fave Korean tomboy's.And im not even Asian -_- lol.Im not a lesbian i just adore there cloths style and there so cute.It's just ive been so lost in what i am and what is really me just lately.There's teens that have there style and stick to what they definitely like but i like all sorts i like putting different stuff together.But im not a tomboy neither a girly girl i hate wearing dresses anything else but dresses and skirts im fine with.But the thing is my mum gets on my nerves because sometimes she'll say no that don't go and make me feel so insecure and stuff ive told her everyone has there own style but no if she see's something dead nice in her opinion then she wants it for me.My mum has a nice style and no she is in her 30's she's kinda young.But there can be some ting that i don't like of her choice.Do you think im a teenager that's confused in what she wants to be and likes?
and is it weired for a mix race (black & white) person to like korean people and there music?
oh yeah, you're perfectly normal, you just have...asian-tomboy-clothing fetish? as I said, it's perfectly normal, don't kill your self :P
I'm lesbian,what should i do?i have nobody to share wit....?
I'm an asian girl.I have too much gfs on net,but i dont even know who r they,many ppl told me lies,too much for me...I love a girl,shes cool to me.But is that love if ur lover just want sex???I dont know,maybe im moron...i just too believe in ppl...I'm looking white girls,is that bad???No-one say the truth to me???They talk and say love me coz i have a cam and they may see my body when they be my lover,dont they think so???They just made me doubt on everybody.I just want a love,is that to much for a girl at ****** teen-age?
If you are searching for love and companionship only on line, and trying to do so with a webcam, then personally, I feel it is a mistake. You'll find that most - and I say this from experience - most who are on chat with the webcams, are looking for a cheap thrill - they are looking for non-commital sex - with no attachments or ties.

If you want something more, then you need to get off the computer and check to see if there are any gay organizations where you are.

The chance of finding love online is so very slim - esp. if it is a long distance relationship.

Just relax and look around you - you never know when there is a girl in your area who has a crush on you, but she is shy and afraid to say for fear that you might reject her.

Lastly, if you look for love, you may never find it - love usually happens when we least expect it, and love finds us.

Good Luck!
Why do so many white nerdy teens pretend to be japanese?
nothing makes me sicker to my penis when i see some short chubby lesbian haircut 15 year olds wearing anime costumes and saying random japanese adjectives in the asian section of the mall

For the same reason that you like to "accidentally" walk in on your mom's boyfriend when he is in the shower.
Why are all my celebrity crushes so weird?
Nearly ALL of my friends are crushing on either the jonas brothers, johnny depp, orlando bloom or some other annoying pop idol that every other teen is in love with. They're all just EWWW!!! I like guys like dj sisen, miyavi, miku - an cafe, aoi - gazette, mana - moi dix mois, ect. ect. ect. but according to my sister I've never had a 'normal' crush XD Why is that? And according to them all my crushes look like chicks (lol?) Does that make me a lesbian? Seriously does it? Or do I have some weird asian cross dressing fetish? For once I wish I liked the same guys they liked cuz I always feel left out, the only things they ever talk about are guys and school. And I'm home schooled so sucks!
lol i don't think that is enough to class you as a lesbian. That said i think orlando bloom is rather feminine... i'm not even going to touch the jonas brothers thing, i mean really, what are they, 12???

I'm usually the only one who has different tastes as well, though again i don't share yours. At the moment i'm slightly lusting after Nicolas Cage, Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe and Jon Bon Jovi.

But whatever. So you don't lust after the newest disney creations or pretty boy wanna be actors. You have your own individual taste. Be proud. Embrace it.
NOT AGAIN! Can anyone help me with my love life? ANYONE!?
I'm just a typical teen. The thing is I like too many girls. I like brunettes,blondes, redheads, asian girls, white girls, black girls, latinas you name it. In my school there are these two girls. One is a light brunette with hazel eyes. Tall slim and rosy cheeks filled with filled with freckles. She has this cute laugh where she snorts. She's beautiful. Plus she's fun to be with. Since 2nd grade I've liked her because she was different from all the other girls. Then comes the other. HOT! Tall, Blondie, blue eyes, and not like every other hot blonde. She has this glow that separates her from everyone else. All you think is, "DAMN! SHE'S HOT!" I even know that some straight girls are starting to have lesbian crushes on her. It's insane! She's so energetic that she bounces off walls. Plus she's really smart. They both like me as a friend but once I get close to one of them the other comes along and leaves me with mixed feelings. Today in Study hall I was helping "Brunette" with homework and we were having an awesome time. We were flirting and laughing. Then "Blonde" came in and left me dead in my tracks. I immediately shifted my attention to her and I spent the rest of my time with her. Who do I choose and why? I'm just a guy who wants a good girl. HELP! Opinions count so who would you choose.
yeah blondie might be hott.. but "hot gets cold" if you get what im saying.. you should just really focus on which one you feel would be the most loyal and overall has a great personality because thats the **** that counts in the end anyway... yeah she may be "hott" but she could be this major *****, or unfaithful but overall its just a decision YOU are gonna have to make... look at the "heart" not the "looks".. good luck with that i hope it works out for you!
Nice Girls names for my book?
Well I'm writing a teen fantasy story and I want to have a pair of lesbians so it's not just straight girls so i am going to give you a little bit of information about each character then please tell me who you think should me the lesbians.

oh and it cant be Bailee and Bambi as they are going to be twins.

Naomi- Blonde hair, big blue eyes, rather clever, quite bossy but generally very sweet
Full name - Naomi Brooke Davis
Age - 17
Height - 5ft 6"

Adrianna - Brown hair, Emerald Green eyes, slightly less clever than Naomi but still not bad. Persistant and strong-headed but friendly and understanding
Full Name - Adrianna Grace Mason
Age - 17
Height - 5ft 4"

Bambi - Brown hair, Hazel Brown eyes and very shy compared to Bailee.
Full Name: Bambi Jo Watson
Age - 16
Height - 5ft 5"

Bailee - Brown hair, Hazel eyes, Bossy compared to her sister and very controlling but she is just trying to cover her sensitivity.
Full Name: Bailee May Watson
Age: 16

Height: 5ft 5"

Nicolette - Curly brown hair, big Brown eyes, asian looking (korea area), very popular and very trusting
Full Name: Nicolette Renee Pang
Age: 18
Height 5ft 8"

Peyton - Blonde Hair, Blue eyes. very friendly quite open but is quite drippy
Full Name: Peyton Rae Andrews
Age: 17
Height: 5ft 6"

Brooke - Brown hair, aquamarine eyes. She is rather outspoken and shy sort of lives in Naomi's shadow all though doesn't rsent her and hates being center of attention.
Full Name: Brooke Elizabeth Anderson
Age: 17
Height: 5ft 4"

Trinity - Black Hair and Sparkling blue eyes, Very secretive and quiet nobody knows much about her sort of lonerish and rather Dark. but in the end she just turns out to be a missunderstood teen (nearly adult but anyway)
Full Name: Trinity Echo Grey
Age - 16
Height 5ft 5"

Rose - Typical stereotypical popular Blonde hair ditzy and very flitarcious but only pretends she is dumb.
Full Name: Rose Anabelle Sands
Age: 16
Height: 5ft 3"
Naomi and Adrianna.
It can't be Bambi or Bailee; Brooke "lives in Naomi's shadow", so they wouldn't be dating; Trinity seems too "lonerish" and quiet to be much into dating, or even socializing; Rose seems like too much of a Valley girl to be lesbian (not trying to stereotype...I guess I am though. I'm not trying to offend anyone); Nicolette seems like the "one who's friendly to everyone"...not like a serious romantic, more like a light-hearted fun person; and I don't know about Peyton...I don't really have a reason for not choosing her. I just think Naomi and Adrianna would go best together- they seem like they could have fun challenging each other or something.

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